Sharing Wedding Costs is a Win-Win

When we set out to have a wedding that paid for itself, we understood that there was a risk of creating a negative perception that we were cheap or free loaders. That is a societal thing in the United States that is very unfortunate. My husband and I have always been givers and of course there have been people that take advantage of that. However, the majority of people are sincerely appreciative when you go out of your way to help someone out. It helps the receiver by solving a challenge they are facing and helps the giver by making them feel like they made a difference in someone else’s life.

A life of giving is way more fulfilling then a life of hording and always thinking other people have negative intentions. That is why we decided to move forward with creating a wedding experience that could be enjoyed by all and not break the bank. After we went through that experience we felt that we had to share it with others. That is what led to creating the profitable wedding eBook and website.

We also understand that the website could fall under the same negative perceptions. That led to creating this post on how sharing weddings costs is a win-win. When we use the term “profitable” in profitable wedding we are using it very lightly. The goal is to help other couples that are taking this next big step in their lives do it in a way that is financially prudent. There is enough stress around a wedding without counting the ever increasing dollar signs. Also, we believe everyone deserves to have this special day play out as they dreamed it. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the wedding of their dreams.

We all care about our friends and family. They are what make life what it is and without them we would miss out on many of the joys in life. Therefore, helping them out should not be a negative experience, it should make you feel good and allows you to take greater pleasure in the outcome. See, it is not that a wedding is expensive compared to the importance of it. We spend more on our education, house, vehicles, etc… A wedding is one of the only big expenses that can be really difficult to spread out the costs. That is why it is important we help each other out on this. If a hundred people help you out and then over your life you help out a hundred people, the expense does not become unbearable. It is when you have to pay for something all at once that it becomes overwhelming.

In many other cultures helping each other out is a lot more accepted. In the United States we have become so independent and place so much value on the money we have earned. Life’s experiences are much more valuable than money and by sharing costs we get to create more experiences and share those experiences with others. Whether you are looking at doing a low budget wedding or trying to come up with a little extra cash to do a few of the things you cannot afford on your current budget. Friends and family should be able to share in this experience. If you have this mentality and can communicate that to your friends and family, I think we can create a win-win for everyone involved.